Yahoo Groups Announces Shutdown On December 15

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Yahoo has announced that its 19-year-old service platform Yahoo Groups will shut down on December 15, 2020, after a steady decline in usage.

Yahoo Groups were launched in early 2001 as an integration of technology from and Yahoo Clubs, but rising competition from social media community platforms like Facebook and Google has led to the loss in its once-massive platform.

Verizon which took ownership of Yahoo in 2017 made this announcement known on Tuesday via the Yahoo Group’s website and emails sent to Yahoo Group users.

AdeniyisBlog reports that” Yahoo Groups have decided to shut down as of December 15. Yahoo Groups have seen a steady decline in usage over the last several years. Over that same period, we’ve witnessed unprecedented levels of engagement across our properties as customers seek out premium, trustworthy content.”

” While these decisions are never easy, we must sometimes make difficult decisions regarding products that no longer fit our long-term strategy as we hone our focus on other areas of the business.

What happens to Yahoo email Users?

“The emails you have sent and received will remain in your email, though beginning December 15 messages will not be sent or received from your group members. If you try to email your group after December 15, your message will not be delivered and you will receive a failure notification,”


“Thank you for helping us build one of the earliest digital communities — we’re proud and honoured to have forged countless connections over the last 20 years and played a small part in helping build your communities,” the Yahoo Group concluded.

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