World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 is to create awareness about suicide prevention and how to help our loved ones to fight suicidal thoughts.

Suicide Prevention Day is observed on 10th September each year. This day is organised by the International Association for Suicide Prevention. It is an opportunity to raise awareness all across the world that suicide can be prevented. The ongoing pandemic has affected mental health. Staying at home, low physical activity, less socialising and unexpected changes in the way everything works has made it important to highlight suicide prevention.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: Who is at a risk? Know prevention.

Suicide is now recognised as a public health issue in almost every country. Suicide rates have been accumulating to the extent that it has become one of a major cause of death worldwide. It is important to identify the early warning signs and factor that can lead to suicide.

“Suicidal reactions may vary from anger, distress, ridicule, anxiety, tension, fear, sadness or any intentional decision to end one’s life,”

The causes for a suicidal intention can be complex, ranging from social, economic, health, cultural, political, religious and other areas of the individual’s life. Suicide is multifactorial in nature, cumulative because of a number of causes which are progressive and operate over a period. Even sometimes an impulsive suicide can be difficult to understand.”

“A passing suicidal thought happens to most of the individuals in a sudden life crisis or a traumatic situation. An Individual passing through any of these phases may think, attempt or complete the act. Some individuals, due to their inability to cope with the stress or lack of adequate support mechanisms, find suicide as an option.

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However, the word option itself shows that there are choices.

The major steps towards preventing suicide are

·        Identifying the problem in different dimensions

·        Understanding risk factors.

·        Identifying what works in individual societies.

·        An early recognition of the warning signs

·        Seek professional help to save a life

If you notice any behavioural change in your loved ones, talk to them. Be a good listener as it will help them reduce stress and tension.



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