When a woman is wiser than her husband

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When a man is wiser than the lady he is in courtship with and the lady knows that the man is wiser than her, their courtship is likely to be less turbulent. But when it is clear that a lady is wiser than the man she is in courtship with, boy, it will take high-class wisdom, humility, patience and courageous submission on the lady’s part for such a courtship to be less turbulent.

Similarly, when in a marriage, the man is wiser than his wife and she knows it, they are likely to have fewer arguments and quarrels. And when a woman is wiser than her husband and she knows it, but her husband does not know that she is wiser, there can be constant wahala, if the woman is not as wise to live with a husband who is not wise.

Can a woman live happily and peacefully with a man she knows she is wiser than? Yes. I would like to emphasise here that a man or woman’s wisdom is not complete until he or she knows how to live with foolish people or people they are wiser than. When a woman that is wiser than her husband understands this leadership principle, it will enable her to live AMUSINGLY in peace and in love with her man. I believe it is this type of wisdom that Abigail, whom the Bible describes as “a woman of good understanding” used in living with her husband, Nabal whom the Bible makes us see as a foolish rich man. 1 Sam 25:2-38.

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I also believe it is this type of wisdom that a great woman who lived at Shunem used in having a successful marital relationship with her careless husband. (2 Kings 4:8-37). It was this woman’s wisdom that enabled her to perceive that Elisha “is a holy man of God.” This means that there are some men of God who may perform all types of miracles but are not holy. They live in sin. O, let me come back to the story of the wife at Shunem that was wiser than her husband and their marriage is not known to have broken up. The woman at Shunem used her wisdom to suggest to her husband to keep making Elisha branch at their home to refresh himself during his journeys. After some time, she used her wisdom to suggest to her husband to arrange a permanent room for prophet Elisha to stay during the course of his journeys.

When through Elisha’s prophetic invocation, the barren woman and her old husband had a baby boy, it was the woman’s favour that made the miracle possible. When this only child went to see his father at his business premises and the boy had a serious headache, “and he said unto his father, my head, my head, his father said to his servant carry him to his mother.” For me, this is both wickedness and foolishness. Anyway, the young boy eventually died on his mother’s laps. When the wife asked her husband to provide a means of transportation with which to contact the Prophet Elisha for prayers, the husband’s response was: “why do you want to go see him today”? Can you imagine? But this wise wife did not get upset. She did not quarrel. Instead, she said: “It shall be well.” With her display of patience, wisdom and courageous humility, she was able to get the man of God to bring her only child back to life.

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When a woman is wiser than her husband, she prayerfully, wisely and humbly but courageously uses her wisdom to help her husband succeed in life. Love you.

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