What to do when you have passive suicidal thoughts

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By: Omo Jigaloye

Life to all human beings is a race, and the way you run the race is in your hands.

Judas Iscariot hanged himself because he betrayed Jesus Christ. I wish he knew he can be forgiven if he asked for forgiveness.

God is a God of hope; He never tires of giving us a second chance.

You might go through a lot and you are shy to tell anyone because of the shame.

Please do not think of committing suicide because it is never the best option.

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A Lady in deep thought (Unsplash Image)

Read below the two prominent men in the Bible who thought of committing suicide when they can’t stand their predicaments.

·         Jezebel threatened Elijah, the mighty prophet of God, and he asked God to take his life, but God sent a raven to feed him and led him on a forty days’ journey where he faced God and had communion with Him. What if he took his life, he would have missed all these golden opportunities even to train his successor Elisha.

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Elijah and Jezebel(Google Image)

·         Prophet Jonah thought taken his own life would get rid of doing the work of the Lord. They threw him into the sea to die instead. An enormous fish swallowed him. Jonah was in the belly of a fish for three days until he accepted the wish of his Maker. However, Jonah successfully convinced the entire city of Nineveh to repent.

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Jonah and the fish (Google Image)

Our God is a God of hope. He can and will answer our pleas of despair. No condition warrants for giving up or contemplating suicide when things are not going well.

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Stop thinking about what is wrong with your life instead, think about the little things that make life great.

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Suicide is an awful phenomenon in our culture that one should never expect to do. If someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, please seek immediate professional help.

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A young boy seeking help

Hand over your burdens to your maker, keep pushing and you will definitely break forth.

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