What to do when someone is suffering from a heart attack

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By: Omo Jigaloye

A heart attack happens when the blood supply to the heart muscle is suddenly blocked. The blockage prevents the heart from functioning properly.

When someone experiencing some breast discomfort or heart attack symptoms, these following steps should be considered:

· First thing to do is to call your emergency number immediately. When the Emergency Responder Personnel arrives, they can commence first aid immediately and also on the way to the hospital. They have been trained on how to revive someone who is suffering from a heart attack.

· You can assist the person to rest on a chair or sit on the floor. Make sure they are relaxed if sitting on the floor and should lean on a chair backrest or by lean on the wall. Sitting will ease the tension in the heart. Sitting also ensures that they are less likely to hurt themselves in case they collapse.

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· In the case that the Emergency Responder is taking much time to arrive; rush the person to the hospital.

· In another scenario, if you are the one with the attack, avoid driving yourself to the hospital call for help immediately.

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Watch this video:

Continue keeping safe, wear your masks, ensure to practice social distancing and stay away from overpopulated areas.

Image Source: St John Ambulance, Fraser Clinical Trials, Pinterest

Video Source:  British Red Cross

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