UPDATE: Sister of Barbara Tommey speaks, says the family didn’t want her to marry Sylvester


Barabara Tommey separated herself from her husband because she realized that he had departed from God and had joined an occult group, according to her sister.

Sophia the elder sister of late Barbara explained in an interview with a Ghanain TV spoke in Ghanaian language that Sylvester got married to Barbara when she was 22-years-old as a university graduate.

Sylvester went to a place known for Vodoo in Ghana called Nzema and when he came back he was touting the fact that he met a pastor who was really powerful because the pastor could make fire appear.

He travelled back to Ghana without his wife and went to visit a self-styled pastor in Nzema at this point he was given a book to read.

He tried to convince his wife Barbara to also read the book which made him conclude that God doesn’t exist.

Barbara also read the book and joined him in his beliefs, the family were worried and prayed and Barbara made up her mind and decided to divorce.

Barbara once found him with some blood on his forehead and asked which Sylvester said he had gone to the church and gotten hurt and hence the blood on the forehead.

“After Sylvester came back to Ghana to buy a piece of land on his return to the US he joined an occult group and was initiated by blood on his forehead,” she told Ghanaian press.

Almost everything is in the name of my sister Barbara, so one incident that broke the camels back was when she traced Sylvester to an occultic meeting found her car and moved it home and this was the beginning of all my sister’s troubles.

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Because she had seen the source of all Sylvester was doing. Sylvester stopped having intimacy with my sister for the reason that it was a rule given Sylvester.

Sylvester actually killed her knowing she knew everything and was her only support.

Barbara got down from the very car she had bought that Sylvester was using that she got shot.

“It was premeditated murder because Barbara had found out all that he was doing including going to stripper clubs, and part of the initiation and drinking, he told his brother had bought a gun to kill Barbara.” her sister Sophia said.

Full video: https://youtu.be/NA8oGQsiBjA


Barbara Tommey, 27, according to the Orlando Police Department (OPD) was shot several times by her husband, Sylvester Ofori, near her business front doors on the 4600 block of Gardens Park Boulevard, some minutes to 9.00 am on Tuesday, September 8.

Tommey, an employee of Navy Federal Credit Union, in the USA, was pronounced dead at Orlando Regional Medical Centre shortly afterwards, the Police added.

Ofori, 35, was arrested and taken into custody on Tuesday evening. He is being held at the Orange County Jail without bond on a charge of first-degree murder with a firearm.

Investigators during a Wednesday morning press conference did not release a motive or say whether there was a history of domestic violence of which OPD was aware, citing an active investigation.

“The background story and previous dealings with them, be it through our calls for service should there have been any or any previous incidents between them will be identified at a later time,” Detective Matthew Rogers said.

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Rogers added that Tommey and Ofori were in the middle of a divorce and she hadn’t lived at the apartment they shared for months. No records documenting their divorce could be found. The couple were married in September 2015, according to a marriage licence.

Sylvester Ofori is a pastor at Floodgates of Heaven International Ministries, a church-based in Parramore. He described himself as a prophet and motivational speaker. His ministry has reached tens of thousands of people.

A day before the shooting, Sylvester Ofori posted on his Facebook page that “One thing ppl gotta understand about extremely kind, nice, loving people is that their other side is just as EXTREME.”


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