The importance of Data Science

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According to a UN’s report of October 2011, the world’s population reached 7 billion. With such a big world, the need for data storage and data science became a necessity.

What’s Data Science?

Data Science: is the combination of different tools: statistics, machine learning, computer science, scientific methods and systems to analyze data and provide meaningful information based on big data. This big data can be structured or unstructured.

We live in the age of the fourth industrial revolution and Data Science is the future of A.I. So it’s important to know it’s value.

Importance of Data Science

One thing to note is that data science can be applied to almost all types of industries such as: travel, healthcare, education, fraud recognition, digital marketing etc

Data Science for businesses

Generally, data science is about solving business problems with big data.

Companies can no longer afford to ignore big data as data science has become an inseparable (change to inseparable) part of the business.

Data Science helps businesses to:

1 . Make important decisions based on facts.

2 . Identify and maximize opportunities.

3 . Build good and long-lasting connections with consumers. That way, they get to understand how consumers utilize their products.

4 . Communicate effectively with consumers.

5 . Transform operational efficiency in areas such as manufacturing, staffing, distribution etc It aims to generally help businesses make smarter decisions.

Data Science and COVID-19

Artificial intelligence is contributing to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data Science is delivering results in the following areas. Trying to ease the COVID-19 pandemic:

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• Virus research

• The development of drugs and vaccines

• In the management of services and resources at healthcare centers In the analysis of data to support public policy decisions aimed at managing the crisis, such as safety measures.



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