The Benefits Of Exercising With A Partner

Exercise with a partner

We all know the struggle of trying to motivate ourselves to work out more. Telling ourselves we’ll start tomorrow by going to the gym, or next Monday. We can say that for the most part, it doesn’t end up happening.

The question we have is why? Well, there can be many answers to that question, so let’s focus on just one for now: you need that extra push to get you started. And what better way to get that than with a workout buddy?

There are so many reasons that working out with a friend is beneficial, so let’s narrow it down to 5 things to sum it up:

Accountability: Working out with a friend is a great way to hold you accountable since it makes it difficult to cancel or not show up to the gym. Not to mention, they’ll be there to give you a push when you aren’t putting your all into the workout, and vice versa.

Safety: Having a friend workout with you is a good safety measure. They will see that your form is correct and prevent any injuries.

Trying New Things: People are more willing to try new things when they’re with someone than when they’re alone. So, working out with a friend will give you both the chance to find something new together. Besides, your distinct skill sets will also allow you to branch out with your workouts. For instance, if you know more about HIIT and your friend is more knowledgeable about cardio workouts, you can combine your skills to improve in both areas!

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Fun: There’s no doubt that working out with a friend is much more fun than working out alone. It’s a delightful feeling to know that someone is doing the hard and sweaty work with you. To top it off, working out together will encourage you to push yourself more, resulting in more effective workouts!

Social Interaction: When push comes to shove, you would choose to hang out with friends after work rather than go to the gym, right? Well, go to the gym with a friend or two to get the best of both worlds! You’ll get the wind-down you need after a day’s work and also the social interaction you need.

It’s a win-win!



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