Mum: Make sure you pay more consideration to your studies this term; I won’t tolerate your report last term for a second time.

Daughter: Okay, Mum. I will try my best.

Mum: Please, and your best must be proved.

Daughter: Okay; Thank you, Mum.

Mum: You are welcome, lest I forget. What time will you finish with your special class? I will love to pick you then visit Mrs. Jane. She is receiving us in Reading Affairs this evening.

Daughter: I should be through by 5 pm.

Mum: Oh, that will be fine. See you then, cheers.

Later in the evening…

Daughter: Mum, I enjoyed myself today. So this is what you do every Thursdays and I have never been invited?

Mum: Sigh… Not at all my daughter. Mrs. Jane asked me to invite you, so you can learn from the topic shared today.

Daughter: Oh I understand. Anyway, I can’t wait to start this with my friends.

Mum: Yes, that will be a valuable thing. Specifically, it will change the mindset of your people with social media. I will guide you through. That will be after your Cambridge exam. I don’t want a situation your Dad will complain.

Daughter: No problem, Mum. In fact, I will be so delighted to be the first that will introduce the reading affairs with my friends.

Mum: That is good my dear, God will grant you the wisdom?

Daughter: Amen. Mum, our special class was so fascinated today?

Mum: Tell me more dear…

Daughter: Mum, my teacher… Paused!

Mum: Your teacher did what… Please, I don’t want to hear a story now. This is a New Year. We can’t afford any exorbitant jaunts for now.

Daughter: Mum, wait now. Haha… Chill, Mum!

Mum: Okay, what is it o?

Daughter: Anyway, my teacher said we are in the Next Level.

Mum, is it true?

Mum: When you meet your teacher ask him…. Next Level ko, New Level ni.

By: Omo Jigaloye…


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