Sometimes All We Need Is A Little Push…

Maryam Shuaib

January last year, I moved to Lagos to resume my job as part of the marketing and branding team for a prestigious real estate firm.

I had zero experience in real estate. Neither was I in the finance and investment space.

But I had confidence in my brain power and my ability to learn fast. I mean, that should be enough, right?

I was wrong.

In fact, I had more things to be worried about.

I couldn’t get a decent place that fit into my budget, and my Uncle’s house was too far from work that I would spend over 6 hours in traffic every day.

At work, my performance wasn’t as I expected.

I needed time to learn about the industry, understand my audience, and internalize the company’s goals.

I felt so choked and displeased that I wanted to quit several times.

But one faithful day, my team lead called me to his office and had a heart-to-heart conversation with me.

He said to me: “Maryam, you are a natural talent, and I believe you are more than capable of handling this job.”

It turned out that the little encouragement was all I needed.

Over a year now and today, I have handled tasks that I never thought I could.

I am happy that I got the push at a time when I needed it the most.

Who are you pushing?
Have a blessed month/week.

Maryam Shuaib is a Marketing & Brand Consultant.

Story/Image Credit: Maryam Shuaib

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