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With a population of over 7 billion people all striving to secure a means of livelihood and comfort, the human race has developed various tests and quantifiers to determine who would be more suitable for a job or given position. Amongst the various quantifiers, is the intelligence quotient, IQ.

The intelligence quotient is a measure of a person’s intelligence quantified based on the individual’s performance on certain tests. The measure of a person’s intelligence holds a place as a criterion for securing some roles in the labour market. It is a measure of one’s problem-solving skills and logical capacity. While some part of it has been argued to be genetic, it has also been shown to be developed by studying and research. But, the measure of a person’s intelligence isn’t everything.

The behaviour of a person in the midst of others has also been studied, and a quantifier has also been developed to represent a person’s aptitude for proper societal behaviour. This quantifier is called social quotient. A person’s social quotient is usually a direct determining factor of how people see a person, related to a person. A person’s social quotient can determine a person’s dressing, level of modesty, public emotional display, and public image. A person’s social quotient is just as important, if not more important than their Intelligence quotient. A person with a good brain but without a good image might end up losing it all and being worse off than his “less intelligent” counterpart.

There is one more in this triad, closely related to the social quotient – the emotional quotient. Like the name implies, emotional quotient is a measure related to how much an individual understands emotions and how they react to them. Not just theirs, but others. Being able to understand how what you say or do would affect others, is a measure of a person’s emotional intelligence. The ability to know the exact emotions you feel at a given point in time is also a measure of one’s emotional intelligence. Being able to recognise anger, pride, jealousy, happiness, and a mirage of other emotional states is a skill worth developing.

It is essential to mention that there is a dangerous misconception in the society that puts the intelligence quotient above all others, and this should be fought. This misconception has created “intelligent monsters” who at their roots do more harm than good. There is a need for balance between these three quotients. For society to progress, the intellect must be backed by controlled emotions.

In conclusion, individuals, parents, schools and the society at large should invest in building the social and emotional quotient of the populace. Only then can true progress be achieved.

By: Oluwatobiloba Akinwande

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