7 Important keys to avoid prostate cancer

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Prostate cancer is common among men; it is an enlarged prostate that causes urination to be frequent and painful.

These seven sex keys considered as important to avoiding prostate cancer:

  • It is specified that intense sexual activity can reduce the risk of having prostate cancer.


  • To avoid prostate cancer, men should have sex at least 21 times in a month.


  • Research says that men who engaged in thorough sex at least 21 times a month had of lower risk of having prostate cancer of 33% than those who don’t.


  • Experts describe high-fat in processed food, tobacco smoking and obesity as factors that increase prostate cancer and advises people to do away with.


  • Studies say that engaging in appropriate diets saves men from the risk of having prostate cancer.


  • And lastly, eating healthy diets, eating organic fruits, exercising and avoiding smoking of cigarettes helps to reduce the tendency of having prostate cancer.


Image source: cancer.org

By Omo Jigaloye

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