NOLLYWOOD: Woli Arole Finally Meets Baba Wande “Baba Wande I feel blessed meeting YOU”

Oluwatoyin Bayegun AKA Woli Arole

A popular Nigerian comedian, actor and on-air personality Oluwatoyin Bayegun Known as Woli Arole has taken to Social media on how he finally met Kareem Adepoju “Baba Wande” one of the veterans in the Nollywood industry.

See the below expression/photos:


“His name is Alhaji Kareem Adepoju popularly called “Baba Wande”. @baba_wande__. I had wanted to VISIT him with my team and celebrate him but have been really BUSY, but to my greatest surprise few days ago my phone rang and it was “Baba Wande” on the phone. He said “Arole wa ba mi se film”. I replied, “Baba Emi Na ti fe wa ki yin”. I drove down with my team to the location packaged some gifts as USUAL and I gave it to him. Even seeing him, I was so happy and excited, we chatted, played and I learnt a lot from him. Alhaji now said, “Arole, how much should I pay you for your role”. I replied, “Money ke? It is our role to take care of you, e fun ni account number yin jare”. Baba Wande is a LEGEND and an ICON. I can’t forget one of his classic movies “Ti Oluwa ni le”. Guys let’s celebrate LEGENDS when they are alive. I get Baba Wande account number ooo, if you want to show him, love. He’s a great MAN. Let me shock you, Baba is over 80!!!!!. God bless you Alhaji!!!!!!

Baba Wande and Woli Arole

“Baba Wande I feel blessed meeting YOU. You’re a National treasure. I had to do #ChatRoomwithArole impromptu. God bless everyone that “sent money to Alhaji, even without prior notice. We would keep celebrating our LEGENDS!!!!!. Alhaji is effortlessly funny!!!!

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“I am going to frame this shot. I am happy I got this picture in his LIFETIME and I am CELEBRATING him HALE and HEARTY.

Baba Wande a National treasure!!!!

📸: @thisolujameson” he concluded.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Woli Arole

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