Modupe Odele Stops From Travelling Out of The Country

Modupe Odele

Modupe Odele, a member of the Feminist Coalition and #EndSARS advocate, was stopped by Nigerian Immigration Service and seized her passport from travelling out of the country.


Odele, a lawyer by profession, was actively involved in the demonstration, offered legal support to persons who were arrested during the #EndSARS protest.


In a newsletter on Monday, Odele narrated how she was stopped at the airport while on her way to the Maldives to celebrate her birthday.


She stated that the officer who approached her and said the action was ordered “from above”, and that she saw a “wanted poster” of herself on the officer’s computer.


“For my birthday, I had planned a trip to the Maldives. It was really for a break as the events of the last three weeks have exhausted my mind and body in a way I have never been exhausted in my life,” she said.


“I went to the airport, passed through immigration, and while I was putting my bags through the body and baggage scanner, the immigration officer who had previously cleared me, called me back. He told me he had orders from above to detain me.


“Okay, at this point I’m like excuse me, my flight is in an hour. On what grounds are you detaining me?” He didn’t respond. Instead, he goes to his computer where he typed in my name and something that looked like a ‘wanted poster’ popped up on the portal.


“He blocked my view so I couldn’t see most of it, but I saw some of it. And it read something like ‘This person is under investigation by XYZ Intelligence Agency. If seen, they should be apprehended on sight.

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“They held me for a little over an hour, seized my passport, and I missed my flight. My passport is still seized up until this very moment, and I have still not been made aware of what I am under investigation for.”


Odele tweeted in a new Twitter post on Tuesday night, “Hello people, I went to retrieve my passport today but was told this: “We cannot release your passport because you are still under investigation”. As of now, I’m not aware of any charges against me or what I am under investigation for,”.

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