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Photo: Rahki Giovanni

Rahki has worked hard for her body, but she has revealed that there was a point in her transformation journey that nearly made her quit the gym. When she started to gain muscle, she struggled with maintaining her femininity.

She claims that she would ‘walk and talk like a man’ and felt like she was more aggressive in her manner. People in her life started to comment on her change of voice. On top of that, she started to receive online comments from people questioning her gender.

It got to the point where Rahki became so self-conscious, she didn’t want to go out or speak and started to resent fitness, which was once her saviour. But there was a turning point in her journey, and the 28-year-old realised that just because she has more muscles than most men, she still can be ‘sexy’ and ‘feminine’.

She decided to change her habits to embrace her femininity and make herself feel like ‘a superwoman’. Rahki went from not looking after her skin or wearing makeup, to adopting a strict beauty regime. When she started training, she would only wear gym wear and black clothes – never dresses. But now Rahki’s style is all about embracing her curves in tight skirts and colourful dresses. The influencer rarely styled her hair, only slicking it back into a cap. But now she has a range of wigs that she uses to change up her outfits.

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