Jesse Iwuji Shares A True Life Story On How His Parents Left Nigeria With Zero Dollars And Become A House Owner In The United State of America!


A United States of America Naval officer/ NASCAR driver and the Founder of The Red List Group, an auto racing event company shared a touching story on how his Nigerian parents have a house in their names with zero dollars when arrived in the States years ago.

According to Jesse; “My mom used to fetch water from rivers at age 11 to bring home to help provide water for her family in Nigeria.

“My dad brought her to America from Nigeria with 0 dollars to her name and she was a hotel maid at age 23.

“My dad came to America with barely any money in his pocket and got essentially robbed by a crooked Cab driver immediately when he arrived. But just because you start with nothing, doesn’t mean the rest of life will be nothing…Since then they’ve had 4 kids, excelled in their career fields, and owned small businesses on the side. After coming to America years ago with nothing, my parents just closed on this house. If you tell me there’s no opportunity in America I’m going to tell you my parent’s story.


                                                    The New House


“Some will say “Nice story, but hard work is not always rewarded”. I challenge you with this: Understand that desire is different from Ambition. We all desire success, but do we all have the ambition to achieve it? Denzel Washington once said we often confuse movement with progress, and that just because you’re doing a lot doesn’t mean you’re getting a lot done…toward your dream” he stated.


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