Importance of Computer Skills

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By: Oluwatobiloba Akinwande


Throughout all the ages from the stone age, to the bronze age, from the iron age till now, there have always been skills associated with the revolutions of that age. Our time is not any different. Right now there is virtually nothing that can be done effectively without involving a computer; a smartphone at its roots is a computer. Having some basic computer skills has become more than just a skill, it is survival. Despite this, many do not see the importance. The importance of having the knowledge of some basic computer skills cannot be overemphasized. Though it may not be the main selling point of the profession a person is in, it still comes in handy as a very useful tool.

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Examples of computer skills that can be learned are basic use of a word processing package, video editing, image editing, graphics design, basic computer programming, amongst various others. While skills in the listed fields could stand on their own as essentials to various professions, they also potentially have the capacity to impact your life and business giving you an edge in your area of specialization.

These various skills can be applied in various professions – With the knowledge of graphics design and image editing, logos and promotional flyers, as well as creating an online presence without having to spend much money could be made. Using video editing and animation, one can make simple adverts and animations to promote a personal business. Having knowledge of basic computer programming concepts opens an individual up to a world of possibilities. It gives insight into what could be done to move a business forward, and it could help raise the logical capacity of an individual even when not necessarily applied in business.  

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In conclusion, while it is not necessary to have full mastery of these skills, they would be potent weapons in your arsenal as a business person and even as an individual. Like cards in a deck, you don’t know when you’ll need them. The world we live in is evolving, there is little space for the rigid. Pick a computer-related skill to hone, it would make way for you eventually.


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