“I Never Imagined It” – Feli Nandi Speaks After Collabo With Trevor Dongo Hits 100k Views On YouTube

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Feli Nandi real name Felistus Chipendo while speaking to The Standard said she was ecstatic after the song she did with Trevor Dongo Mufudzi WeMombe garnered 100 000 views on YouTube, an exited Feli Nandi told The Standard that:

It’s exciting and not even something I ever imagined, but it seems like a green light for me to proceed and achieve bigger things in my career.

Speaking about the way forward Feli said:

I do not think I was ready for it [going solo], but if you are someone on a journey to success you need to do something in order to move forward.

I was scared at first, but I am just fortunate that I have positive people surrounding me who have always assured me that although I was leaving my comfort zone, I would still make it.

Since I am still starting out, I am just excited that my work is getting the attention it is. This shows that with more hard work, I could achieve greater things.

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