I Am Because You Are

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Oluwatomisin Akinwande   |  Today at 8:08 PM


Nobody is exactly the same no matter how similar they might be biologically or socially. We are like infinite keys on a keyboard who even when we have the same note we lie on different octaves. But a single key can never make a score.

Human beings are social creatures. People are interdependent on one another without even knowing it.

Economy-wise, a person or group’s worth is relative to that of others. Without a standard based on other people, Bill Gates could as well be any day to day person.

Ignoring comparisons, people only gather wealth through others. No matter how big a company is, it still requires other people to render services to gain a living.

A socialist community is not the best system, but at least it helps us to appreciate others’ economic activities. Having recognized the economic aspect, the way people relate is often a function of the people around them.

Our social standards and imaginary status are literally created by those around us. Society has her way of praising and condemning people based on the standards of man. Having considered relativity, the man responsible for that very law could be a good example.

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A world where Einstein’s brilliance is not recognized means everyone was just as smart as he was.

It was because of his knowledge, compared to the standards then, that he is praised today. If from the dawn of time, “blacks” and “whites” were one, we would not have to deal with the chasm of racism keeping us away from peace.

Last but not the least, the way we relate is the thin line between man and animal. No matter how well you train another animal they could never be as smart as God has made man. As easily as we have been given this intellect, it is just as easy to lose it. Without other people to relate with, anybody could be reduced to as low as a monkey.

In conclusion, it is important that we never take others for granted. Whatever we might be, good or bad, is all because of what others are. I hope that one day we all understand the importance of who other people are to who we are. It is only then that we individual keys can play the musical score we know as life in true harmony.


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