How To Install Windows 10 Operating System

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By: Favour Agarry

This write-up teaches you how to install Windows 10 on your PC depending on your computer’s previous operating system and processing speed.

1 . Check your hardware compatibility

Check if your system’s hardware is compatible with this particular Windows version. If not, replace it with a compatible one to ensure a successful installation.

2 . Prepare your Windows 10 installation media file

Prepare your Windows 10 installation file on a flash drive or disk.

If you don’t have one, visit the Microsoft support page to download yours:

For this, you’ll need a flash drive of at least 8GB or a blank DVD for another PC.

3 . Insert the installation media into your system




4 . Click on the start menu

5 . Select the power icon

6 . Click ‘restart’

7 . Hold key F2 or any of the following keys to access BIOS on the setup page:



8 . Scroll through the Boot Tab

9 . Select the device from which the system will boot I.e either your:


Choose removable devices if it’s a flash drive

Choose CD-ROM drive if it’s a disk

10 . Press the + key until you see your boot choice either;



11 . Keep clicking next till you reach a screen that asks you to select the storage device on which you want to install your windows. Select the internal storage device of your Personal computer. Depending on the state of the hard drive, you might be required to format the hard drive.

Note: If there is a version of windows installed, a prompt would appear informing you that that windows installation would be moved to a folder called “windows old”. Click next.

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12 . Wait for the installation to be completed and your PC would restart itself. The rest of the steps would involve you selecting your preferences and the windows guide is sufficient for that.

13 . Your Windows 10 installation is all done.


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