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The reality of identity fraud and security breaches in the webspace has become a nightmare. Creating a strong password is often necessary for signing up or logging in to online platforms whenever you newly sign-up or on an existing online account.

However, it advisable to take your time to create a strong password. In August, it was recorded by IT Governance there were massive 99 data breaches and cyber-attack. This was known to be the third-biggest monthly total of the year by several security cases.

By contrast, over 36,673,575 records confirmed leaked, which is the fewest recorded since May 2018. The accurate figure would be higher than mentioned, which we know some organisations infrequently opened up such information to the public.

The points stated below will guide you on how to create a strong password. It will help protect your online accounts and keeping your sensitive information safe.

  • Use fresh information on every site: Any password that has to be used should be unique and not just a random password. It must not be the same password you use on other sites. You can consider using a password manager to assist and keep track of your various logs identifications.


  • Avoid using your personal information as your password for example birthday, social security number, phone number, pet and family member name. Don’t be too lenient to store your passwords in a note app. They can be protected when you write them down and store them in a safe place such as a password manager.
    The situation in the cyberspace requires you to strengthen your passwords beyond two-factor-verification. We can consider the second level of security for being hacked.
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  • Be familiar with cyber news: Every month, there is useful news released on how you can protect your password. Make sure you subscribe and follow us on all social media and other sources; where you can get the latest news on cyber-attacks.


  • Avoid using passwords such as ‘12345’ and ‘password’ as they can be easily guessed and are top on the list of hackers. The dictionary words and serial numbers are easy to guess. Avoid such patterns such as cHurch, money, 000111 or other obvious passwords.


  • Go for a long and mixed character: Try to create a password at least 10 characters with density. For example, eight to ten-letter words, uppercase, alternate numbers with symbols. These types of the password are harder to hack.


  • Let it be what you can easily remember: Your password should be something you can remember a moment before you log into your account. It doesn’t mean it should be known as a catchphrase, songs, lyrics and quotes. A series of random words as self-possessed create a strong password such as “brilliantSUB#$15!EXEcutED,”.


Following these steps will help to secure your account if duly followed.

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By: Omo Jigaloye

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