Honourable Dayo Maxima Links His Assassination To The Government of Ekiti State

Akinleye Dayo (Left) Kayode Fayemi (Right)

The former member of the Ekiti State House of Assembly, Hon. Ekundayo Akinleye was attacked by armed thugs who invaded his hotel in Ado Ekiti on Saturday, October 24, 2020. He stated that those thugs were sent by the State Government to assassinate him and other loyalists of former Governor Ayodele Fayose.

According to Dayo Maxima, he lamented that the thugs who invaded his hotel with pump action guns and other dangerous weapons have not been arrested by the police.

“It is strange that up till now, no arrest of these assailants has been made. We know them and we see them walking freely in the town. I have written petition to the Inspector General of Police and copied the Commissioner of Police here in Ekiti.”


“Though the CP has sent some of his men here to inspect the level of damage done by the thugs, no arrest has been made. I have learnt that the thugs are being housed in one of the chalets in the State Government House.”


“Also, from our findings, we discovered that the thugs are dealing directly with Governor Kayode Fayemi’s Chief of Staff, Biodun Omoleye, who incidentally is my brother. We are both from Ijurin Ekiti in Ijero Local Government.”


“My guest house and Restaurant was invaded by thugs at about 9:30 pm on Saturday, October 24, 2020. I was sitting in the bar with some lodgers when we heard gunshots”.


“Some lodgers rushed into their rooms while I remained where I was. I then saw about six men coming in, they were fully armed and were thugs, they were armed with guns, axes, and cutlasses. Immediately I saw them, I ran to the restaurant while the armed men began to pursue me until I was caught inside one of the guest rooms. They brought me and other lodgers outside and started beating us. They collected my phone and took all the money we had made that day. It was almost N150,000. They took my assorted wine and beer, looted my wife’s shop,”.


“After beating us thoroughly, they took me and others, including two ladies, one of whom was naked inside one white coloured Previa vehicle.

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“They drove us off and were shooting to scare people away. I didn’t know where they were taking us to as they ordered us to face down,”.


“Most of those guys used face masks, but I was able to recognise one of them who is Dele Omojola, aka Marshal. He is a notorious thug in Ado Ekiti. Initially, I thought they were kidnappers, and I was begging them, promising them that I would give them money. until I recognized Marshal. It was then I realised that they were government thugs,”.


“They drove off and stropped at a place where l managed to look up and got to know that it was in front of the Civic Centre in front of the Government House. All of them came down from the vehicle except one. I heard them saying let us take them to Ilawe road and delete them. Delete means to kill us”.


“After a while, they came back into the vehicle and continued beating us. They told me to remove my knicker and used that to cover my face so I was left with my boxer. They started driving and I was praying quietly and at the same time telling them that I am a brother to the Chief of Staff, Biodun Omoleye. I kept saying this”.


“I and Biodun Omoleye are from Ijurin Ekiti in Ijero Local Government Area. I said that I have never gone against the APC government even though l am Fayose’s loyalist.


“They drove us to the police headquarters on Iyin Road and told the police that we were the ones that burnt the Ikere Police station and Dangote trailers at Adebayo Road. They also accused me of opening the NEMA office and I wonder how someone who is not in government would know where the key to the store of palliatives was kept? After all, governor Fayemi has said that there were no more Covid 19 palliatives in Ekiti again and that all have been distributed. So how come are they now accusing me of looting some store in Ekiti where palliatives are kept?”


“The police detained me and others, including the lady that Only had a towel on her that night.

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“They had handed us over to one policeman called Femi who works with Safer Highway. When we were to be detained, other policemen asked Femi who brought us to him and he replied to them saying those who brought us have run away. The thugs did not even wait for the police to see their face but ran away”.


“We were in the police detention until Monday and the police kept us until the CCTV footages in my restaurant were brought to the police to show to them what had happened. I told the police that the charges against me were false”.


“When we gave the police evidence of what happened, including video and pictures, the police took me to their clinic for treatment on Tuesday”.


“I was detained at the police while soaked with my own blood. I sustained various degrees of injuries. The police took me to the clinic on Tuesday since our detention on Saturday.


“Later on Tuesday, the police said they were giving us administrative bail and I said I do not need any administrative bail. I told them to charge me to court if they have anything against me. I said somebody has to be the complainant and those people who brought us there have run away. But somebody else took delivery of us and that person will serve as a complainant. And then he can tell the court if he was the one who directed a civilian to arrest other civilians at gunpoint and drop them at the police station.


“It was on this basis that we were brought to court on Wednesday, and granted bail by the court.”


“I am appealing to well-meaning Nigerians, particularly, the Civil Society Organisations to please prevail the Fayemi led the government to release the thugs to the police for investigation and prosecution”.


“It is strange that thugs who go about killing and attacking people in Ekiti are being protected by the government and I wonder why the government that should ensure peace in the State is the one unleashing terror on the people,” he concluded.


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