HISTORY: Pictures collection of the 1930-1940 Job hunting during the “Great Depression” in the United States of America

Job hunting in 1930's

The official first day of the Great Depression is what is referred to as “Black Thursday”, during which millions of people were out of work across the United States. One in four Americans could not find a job, with the unemployment rate as high as 25%, while many Americans could only get jobs via word-of-mouth, persistence and family connections.

See below pictures:

Cleaning woman Ella Watson standing with broom and mop in front of the American flag, photographed by Gordon Parks as part of a Depression-era survey for the Farm Security Administration.
A large group of women working on sewing machines, circa 1937
Mexican women in California, 1933.


Job hunting in the 1930s
A boy holding placard Please give my dad a job
Men In Public Housing, During a Job Search
Men Out Of Work, At The Docks, 1934
Children With Signs, Appealing For A Job For Their Dad
Work Is What I Want And Not Charity

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