Ghanaian Pastor Shoots Wife Dead In United States

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A Ghanian pastor has been arrested by the Orlando police department for allegedly shooting dead his wife on her entrance to work in Orlando, United States of America ( USA).

The pastor who is identified as Pastor Sylvester Ofori followed his wife Barbara Tommy to the work place and shut her dead at the entrance of the work for reasons yet to be disclosed.

Reacting to the issues, the Chief of the Orlando Police department said the suspect was traced by the Investigation Unit of the police and was arrested on his apartment. He further said the man (pastor) fled the scene of the event immediately after he committed the murder.

An Eye witness said the man followed the woman into the work arena and shut her 5 times till she died.

According to the eye witness lady, she narrates;

”I saw the lady coming and the man on her behind, as she was about to enter the premises, the man immediately brought out gun from his bag and shut her. The lady was surprise as I can see it all over her face, immediately i heard the first gunshot, I ran very fast and fast to hide, I heard another 4 gun shot from afar as I was running ”.

The police therefore said the man have been arrested and will be tried in court and jailed if found guilty.

Source: Sahara Reporters

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