Falz Speaks To CNN’s Christiane Amanpour About #EndSARS Protest And Corruption

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Folarin Falana, A Nigerian rapper, actor and lawyer popularly known as Falz was featured on a popular show of Christiane Amanpour at CNN to talk about the corruption and police brutality in the country.

Falz among other celebrities have been vocal during the protest, while many have tried to ensure the government takes responsibility for those who lost their lives.

During the interview, Christiane Amanpour mentioned several young Nigerians reached out to CNN but declined any form of an interview because they were afraid for their lives. Then she asked Falz if he was afraid for his own safety. He responded:


I’m not afraid for my life because where we are right now, I feel like I could easily die by anything else, anyway. We have a nonexistent health care, for example, serious high-level of poverty, there’s unemployment, we are in a critical state because of how much corruption and mismanagement of funds that we continue to see on a daily basis. If I don’t come out to complain about the state of things, I could have an accident on my way to work or something and I could die on the spot for that because the state of the healthcare is nothing to write home about. We don’t have proper hospitals, our hospitals ain’t well equipped. People have to travel abroad to get proper healthcare because every Nigerian is one sickness away from passing away. What kind of life are we living anyway, I’m going to die anyway so what’s the point?

In further discussion on what brought about the start of the protest, he said:

Myself and another artist, Runtown, we had shared on our Twitter handles that we were going to do a walk, a peaceful protest against all forms of police brutality and had about two thousand people in attendance. We did that with the hashtag #EndSars. The hashtag was already in existence. It was a big thing on social media, but nobody had gone to do it physically, so we decided to go a step further.


Falz said, ” They have been reforming the police for the longest time and we never actually see actual action. Since 2017 they have been announcing that the SARS unit has been disbanded, they announced the disbandment in 2018, 2019 and again in 2020, but now they are replacing the same unit with a tactical unit. They just think we are stupid because you are literally just renaming this unit and expecting us to say, Yay! Wow! It’s insensitive”.

Watch the full interview below:




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