Exclusive Pictures Of Dolly Parton And Her Husband Carl Dean, With Their Marriage Success

Carl Dean and Dolly Parton

Carl Dean and Dolly Parton met in 1964 outside of a Nashville Laundromat. Dolly was just 18 when he met her husband while Carl was 21. They agree to marry two years later with a simple arrangement and at this time, Dolly’s music was never known and her record label was anxious that marriage would interfere with her music career.

The country music legend once said, “My mother made me a little white dress and a little bouquet,” Parton told CMT. “But I said, ‘I can’t get married in a courthouse because I’ll never feel married.’ So we found a little Baptist church in town, and went up to Pastor Don Duvall and said, ‘Would you marry us?’ We got pictures on the steps right outside the church.”

Despite Dolly Parton’s being famous, Dean would never be jealous but rather be at home than lounge in the limelight. It was recorded that Dean only attended one or two live performances of his wife.

According to Dolly Parton “He’s always supporting me as long as I don’t try to drag him in on it,”

“He’s always been my biggest fan behind the scenes, but he’s at home. I don’t think they’re probably showing much of this on TV and if they do, he might see it.”

“But anyway, he’d never come dragging around,”

“I’d rather bring somebody else with me, you know? He’s never jealous of that either.”

Picture of Carl Dean and Dolly Parton after they got married at                        Baptist Church by Pastor Don Duvall in 1966.


Dolly Parton with her husband Carl Dean







Dolly Parton and Carl Dean in a good mood



Carl Dean was seen for the first time in four decades in December     2019. He was sighted running errands near the family estate in Brentwood, Tennessee.

This sound so good about Carl Dean and Dolly Parton marriage and it doesn’t mean they have never been without a drama. The rest is for you to decide and make the best out of your marriage, regardless of the challenges.

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By: Omo Jigaloye

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