#EdoDecides2020: Nigerians reveal what will happen if Obaseki defeats Ize-Iyamu


A cross-section of Nigerians has revealed what will happen if Governor Godwin Obaseki defeats Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

So far, Obaseki, who is contesting under the People’s Democratic Party, PDP is in the early lead against APC candidate, Ize-Iyamu.

Some Nigerians, reacting to the results announced by INEC opined that the defeat of Ize-Iyamu will cause a change in the politics of Nigeria.

According to them, Obaseki’s win will put a stop to godfatherism and lead to a revolution against it in Nigeria at large.

However, a few others mentioned that tables could turn and Obaseki could end up being a godfather himself if the declared winner of Edo election.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Ayemojubar “ If Obaseki wins this election, expect a full-blown rebellion against godfatherism in this country.”

@Toluphil “I hope Obaseki wins. Godfatherism should be abolished for the country to move forward.”

@KandyBillion “ The outcome of this Edo State election has shown that power truly resides with the people. No Godfather can effectively rig without the cooperation of the people. Obaseki should ensure that he pays the people back with good governance for their vigilance.”

@Boluwan “ After the victory of Obaseki inshaEledumare, Ambode will have to come and collect past questions and necessary materials from Obaseki.”

@BrianJDennis “ Ambode vs Obaseki, both men were rejected by their Godfathers. Both men tried to put up a fight.

“Ambode was a coward, Obaseki is taking the fight to his Godfather even if he loses, he will be remembered for fighting.”

@Staconzy16 “ Obaseki’s victory today would be instrumental in putting an end to Godfather Politics in Nigeria.“

@Sidac06 “We will rise against Obaseki if he tries to play godfather after his tenure.”

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@Ighopeterstar4 ”If Obaseki wins the election those people from Oshiomhole’s PU will suffer it, while oshiomhole will be in Abuja for enjoying the money he stole when he was a governor.”

@Stevolo51 “ As Obaseki will hopefully be announced the winner. Let it be on record that Edo people simply fought to emancipate themselves from the brutal claws of the godfather. They resolved to lay down their lives to achieve this not because of any special attributes in Obaseki.”

@Hypeman_jay “ Obaseki wins the election, Obaseki becomes the reigning godfather.”

@FumiGator “ If Obaseki wins, he will later want to be a Godfather himself. Mark my words!

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