Drums of War Are Out Again By Dr Doyin Okupe

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Dr. Doyin Okupe
Suddenly, tension fills the air in the west and the nation seems to choke. There are great rumblings in the forests with smokes accompanying it in the distance. There are shouts and drum beats of war also sounding in the heartlands.
From the center emanates strong and power-laden counter threats of reprisals. The huge muscles of the officialdom are heaving and puffing. The big stick is up and been wielded from the official quarters.
We have gone through this path before. The consequences were unmitigated disasters with unforgettable disruptions and unending pains and sufferings God of all creation, pls direct our leaders to think and act rightly. Let the evil plot of the strong man of this Earth to destabilize our nation fail woefully.
Let no war be fought on this land again, we plead O God of our forefathers.
At this point, remember the precious blood of your only son Jesus Christ, that was shed for us at Calvary and forgive our sins, both; of the rulers and followers alike.
Let me close this piece with the words of a great Warrior and Ruler, Sir Winston Churchill. ” Failure to act when action would have been simple and effective, lack of deep thinking and confusion of counsel, all this leads to endless repetition of history.”
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