Democracy Is The Only System That Can Work For Nigeria – Kukah



Bishop Mathew Kukah appeared on Channels Television’s Politics Today on September 11, 2020.

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Mathew Kukah, on Friday said democracy is the only system that can deliver “on the egalitarian society” that Nigeria “desperately needs.”

The Bishop was responding to a question on the ideal 60th birthday for Nigeria during Channels Television’s Politics Today.

“I have a lot of hope in this great country; we’ve made a lot of mistakes, but we must continue to renew our commitment to the democratic process because it is the only system that can deliver on the egalitarian society that we so desperately need,” Kukah said.

Earlier, he said Nigeria had made a lot of mistakes but the upcoming 60th independence anniversary calls for a renewed hope in the nation’s promise.

“Among other things, I wish that the price of oil didn’t have to go up,” he said. “I wish that certain decisions that have been taken didn’t have to have so much negative impact on ordinary people; but again this celebration calls for a renewal of our hope in our country.

“We’ve not met our expectations but definitely, this country has a lot of potentials; and I see the future largely not necessarily in the mistakes of the past, but in the fact that we have a lot of young people that are mentally, emotionally and intellectually pretty well-equipped to shape the future of this country.

“I am hopeful that young people will see politics not necessarily from the point of view of running for office but from the point of view of rendering services and developing a greater capacity to help to manage society.”

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Author: Channels

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