Dear Sis; Please, Trust Your Husband!

Dear Sis; Please, Trust Your Husband! Dear-Sis.jpeg | adeniyisblog

Dear Sis, learn to trust your husband. Sometimes your husband may come back home late and give you one excuse or the other that’s above your head.

You know what, let love and confidence prevail.

Remember Uncle Jonah that was disappeared for three days, no phone call, no message, No WhatsApp chat and No Tik Tok as usual. Only to tell his wife a big fish swallowed him and vomited after three days–just imagine.

Dear Sis; Please, Trust Your Husband! Dear-Sis1.jpeg | adedniyisblog

If you were his wife, how would you comprehend that? Won’t you feel like breaking his head? Swallowed by fish, really? Are you talking to a baby? What an insult, lying to my face as if I don’t have a brain? Which fish swallowed you, Mackerel ni abi Tilapia?

Even Neighbours will shout “ah!!! madam, you don’t understand now, the fish is another woman,”.

Yet, if Jonah reported the issue to his Pastor; Pastor would call him aside and say, brother Jonah. Why not pray against lying spirits?

But between you and me, Jonah was telling the truth.

Hello Sis, please pray and have faith in your husband.

Have a wonderful week.

By: Albert Gbemileke
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