Daughter Comes Home Crying From School, Dad Uses Drastic Measures To Find Out Why


Tomas Valero found his child crying each day at school. Clearly, there was a problem. He was shocked by the truth, but it was not easy to find out what was going on. What did he do to get to the bottom of it?

Starting School

Kids often have it hard when they begin school. This is a big adjustment, and they need all the support they could get. Even if the teacher or classmates are nice, it can still be a challenge for the little ones.

She Was Scared

Of course, all parents want the best for their children. It was a given that he would be concerned after seeing his daughter in so much pain. When she was not acting like herself, Tomas was very worried.

She Became More Emotional

He noticed that she started behaving more emotionally after starting at her new school. At the start, he thought that his little angel was only nervous. However, the truth was far more concerning than that.

The Same Routine

Tomas started to get very worried when his baby girl started to cry and ask to stay at home on the regular. Every morning, it was always like this. He knew that this could not go on.

The Situation Worsened

Days would become months. Tomas saw that his child was no longer happy or excited at all. She would get scared as time passed by. His little angel often threw tantrums when it was time to go to school.


Tomas tried talking to his daughter, but she refused to tell him and his wife the real problem. At any rate, he knew that it was time to do something. It was hard for him to see his child like this.

Her New School

His daughter was a kindergarten student at Pine Grove Elementary School. Before this, she was just a normal little girl who was sociable and creative. Things changed not long after she started at the school.

She Began To Change

When her child started attending a new school, she began to be more emotional. Tomas knew that the problem was related to that place. Could it be her classmates or teachers? Was it the school itself?

Did Well In School

Before this, his child was a great student. She received good marks as well as positive reports from her teacher. A few months after going to the new school, however, her grades started to go downhill.

Feeling So Powerless

On top of that, she started getting emotional before and after her class. What was happening? Tomas could not stand seeing her act like that. It was time for him to step up and help the apple of his eyes!

The Concerned Father

Any parent should get worried when their child starts behaving odd behaviour. Tomas found it hard to see his child that sad. She only shrank away when he talked to her about it. What was he going to do?

A Stable, Happy Life

He gave it some thought and knew that she was either being bullied. Could it be by her teacher or her classmates? Their family was stable, so there was no way that it had to do with their household.

Patience Is A Virtue

Patience is the most important thing when you are teaching. It might be hard to practice, but little kids need to be given more consideration. If you are an educator, you should always be patient with them.

Her Formative Years

His daughter was a young girl. She was in her formative years, so it was an important period of life for her. The things that will happen to her at such an age are going to affect her future, after all.

Preparation For The Future

Tomas, with his wife, had this in mind as they raised their three children. They made sure to be positive and encouraging. They wanted the kids to have a strong sense of self to prepare them for the future.

More Harm Than Good

It is obvious that a mean and rude person would not make a good teacher. Tomas and his spouse did not want someone like that for their little kid. They started to wonder if this was the problem here.


Creating A Plan

He was a resourceful man and decided to embark on a journey to figure out what was the issue here. He had a hard time talking to his daughter. After all, she was much too young. She was also very shy!

Time To Take Action

He was a father who would not just stand and watch his daughter get sadder as the days passed by. Enough was enough! It was time for him to figure out what was happening and make a stand.

How Would He Do It?

He wanted to listen in without being present. If he asked this request from the school, the teacher would probably just act nice. Tomas needed to use his creativity to figure out what was really going on!

Hidden Hearing Device

In the end, he ‘listened in’ literally. He made a small hearing device that he hid in his child’s hair. This way, he could listen in and find out the truth. This would let him understand what was going on.

Drastic Measures

True, this was rather drastic. However, there was no other way for him to get to the bottom of things. It would also give him proof! He did not tell his daughter his plan so that she would not be distracted.



Tomas waited for the school day to be over. He was smiling as he saw her sprint up the driveway. This father could not wait to listen. He only wanted his daughter to be as happy as she could possibly be!

Astounding Results

He checked the recording the moment that she came home. Tomas was shocked by what he heard! This concerned dad felt livid after he listened to it. At long last, the truth has come out. What was the issue?


The Source Of The Problems

It sure sounded like the teacher was mean to the students. Tomas kept listening and finally realized the true source of his child’s problems. He was shocked, but he had to do something about this right away.

Teacher Troubles

He saw that the teacher took advantage of her role as an educator. It was tough for Tomas to find out that this person would behave so callously when they were meant to look after the children!

What To Do?

He listened on and heard the teacher say offensive things. On top of that, she used a rather harsh tone to say them too. He was able to hear how often she yelled at the children for the smallest things.

Sick To His Stomach

Tomas was shocked to hear a teacher act like that. Tomas raised this issue with the public school district. It was going to be more effective for him to talk to someone who can do something about this problem.



Filing A Complaint

Tomas did not talk to the teacher. Instead, he chose to talk to the state school board. He picked a date, arranged a meeting, and narrated what he found out about the class his daughter was in.

Their Poor Response

Tomas clearly had a valid complaint. He also had evidence to back it all up. However, the school district did not help him. Of course, this concerned dad was disappointed to hear the result of the meeting.

No Action Taken

It must have been very upsetting to hear that they did not want to do something about this problem. They said that the teacher got disciplined for her behaviour. This was not enough for Tomas, however.

Making His Point

He was not happy about the way the authorities handled the matter. The teacher was still teaching his daughter’s class! In the end, Tomas decided that he would take it upon himself to deal with it.

A Parent’s Duty

The school gave him the option to move his child to a different class. However, Tomas was also worried about the other kids in the class. He was ready to stand up for all the children in that class.

For The Kids

It was upsetting that the school did not offer him support in this matter. This was going to affect the lives of the children! Tomas was not going to be happy as long as Duncan, the teacher, was there.

Signing A Petition

Word soon spread about this matter. Everyone found out about the way Duncan taught the children. The school did not support Tomas, but things changed for him when he launched a Change.org petition. He managed to get over 2,000 signatures asking for the dismissal of the teacher!

The Media Spotlight

It was a bigger surprise for him when the media started to follow the story. Local news channels heard about the Pine Grove story soon enough. They all admired Tomas for his determination to seek justice!

The Entire Country

The story also went on to sweep across the country. This meant that everyone heard about what the teacher did to the kids. Tomas might have not gotten her fired, but it gave him some hope for change.

Preventing Childhood Traumas

The saddest part about it was that her actions would have lasting effects on the children. Let us face it. Many people never really forget about or get over the trauma that they underwent at that age.

What Could Have Been

If Tomas failed to notice how his child was acting and acted upon his instincts, she could have been traumatized forever. No doubt, this was no laughing matter. After all, it also affected other children.

Being A Mentor

Any parent will be familiar with the challenges of raising a kid. One first has to check their own behaviours and actions to do that. While it is not easy to do, this is very important if you want to be a role model.

The Best Parent Possible

Tomas soon learned that there were things that were simply out of his control. Even if this was the case, he was willing to go to hell and back to make sure that his daughter was going to be safe!

A Teacher’s Responsibility

A teacher is responsible for imparting lessons outside of the curriculum. They also have to help children when it comes to things like the mind and imagination. A good teacher is one that inspires the students!

Her Father’s Efforts

It is not at all good if a teacher displays abusive behaviour inside the classroom. If they spread fear among the students, it will have a negative effect on the child. Was Tomas able to solve the problem?

Holding Onto Hope

Duncan is still teaching at the school. We just hope that she was realized that it was not right for her to act like that. Tomas still hopes that the school will make the necessary changes in the near future.

Lives At Stake
It truly felt as if the school had been putting the lives of the children at stake thanks to the short temper of just one teacher. He learned it would be almost impossible to change things if he didn’t take a stand. Tomas really hopes his action changed the school system even just a little bit to ensure the other kids wouldn’t be harmed in any way.


Making Them Stronger
The whole ordeal was tough on his and especially his daughter. However, Tomas eventually admitted that it had brought their family closer together. He never would have found out that something like this was going on if he didn’t go the extra mile.


A Better Dad
By this point, his daughter is now attending a class taught by a different teacher. If anything, Tomas learned how important it is to really pay attention to his daughter. Thanks to the whole ordeal, he knows he has become a better dad.

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Always There
No matter what, Tomas will always be there for his two daughters and son. He and his wife agree that they will stand up for their kids whenever and wherever no matter what happens. Without great parents who recognize a problem when they see one, their daughter would have continued struggling and getting bullied by her teacher.


Good Parents
Since the day their little girl left the hospital, they had her best interest in mind. This is what makes them good parents. Tomas and Lacici always make sure their three kids have everything they need and more.

Support System
In order for kids to grow up well and become healthy members of society, having parents with a good head on their shoulders is always a good thing. A stable life at home helps prepare the kids for other things later in life. Aliya is very lucky to have such a great support system!


For a while now, Tomas and Laici have been preparing for the birth of the kids. Finally, after a long wait, she arrived. The two made sure they were physically and mentally prepared to do this before they had her.


Together Forever
The couple actually met while Tomas was serving in the army. Then instantly had a great bond and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Tomas was just about to be deployed, which is why they got married.


Hard Times
Everyone knows how hard it is to be a parent. However, it’s even harder to do while working in the military. We can’t begin to imagine just how difficult it must have been for Tomas to be away from his family.

At Peace
Of course, Tomas wanted to be with his little girl. He felt as if his heart was always with her. While he was away, he felt at ease knowing she was being taken care of. Meanwhile, his wife missed him and, naturally, the extra hand.


Growing Up
Tomas was due to go home soon. This was something the whole family always looked forward to more than anything else. Aliya was very well-behaved who always made her parents as proud as they can be. She was growing up right in front of them.


So Lucky
No matter where she went, she was always patient and quiet. There were even times when Tomas and Laici forgot she was there! She was that quiet. She hardly ever cried and slept very well. They really got lucky with her.


Sorry Dad
How adorable does Aliya look here with her little bow? She got so distracted by her own thumb, she wasn’t paying attention to Tomas or his phone he was using. All the same, she looks absolutely sweet in the photo anyways.


Little Princess
This photo was taken when Aliyah was already a little older. She also had a baby sister by that point. They were all enjoying themselves eating cookies and playing dress-up. We’re sure it was a very fun day!


Funny Faces
When her teeth had been growing in, Aliyah made this hilarious face. Tomas wanted her to re-enact the picture when she was a little older. He dressed her in a similar outfit and told her to smile the same way.


More Kids
By the time the two girls were a little older, they decided it was time for a third child. The girls had a younger brother on the way! Luckily, Tomas and Laici loved being parents. Both of them felt so excited.

Bundles Of Joy
And now there were three! Just look at how similar all the siblings look! It’s so amazing they are all unique mixes of their parents. Aliyah has glasses like her mother. The purple frames look so sweet on her!

Camera Queens
The girls love Snapchat and like using all the different filters that the app has. Their mother likes taking selfies with them as well. They post them for all their friends and family to see. They’re growing up so quickly!


All The Way Up
Back when Aliyah was younger, she loved to hop on her father’s shoulders. This would allow her to get a clear view of her surroundings. Tomas would hold onto her hands to make sure she wouldn’t fall over. She looked so excited!


This picture was taken during a family member’s wedding. Aliya, Laici, and Tomas all looked so nice. The matching outfits are so great. Aliyah definitely looks like she was enjoying walking with that adorable dress.


Reading Is Fun
Tomas always loved reading to his children. When Aliyah was still little, she adored it. With a pacifier in her mouth and her father’s soothing voice, we’re sure she fell asleep very quickly. We wonder what books she enjoyed.


Always Smiling
To Tomas, his goal in life was to ensure that his kids were healthy and happy. He does his best to put a smile on their faces no matter what. While he had a difficult day at work, he makes sure to have a smile on his face for them.


Daddy’s Little Girls
There’s no doubt that the girls are daddy’s little girls. They clearly love him. Aliya seems to enjoy being a big sister and teaching the little one everything she needs to know. Whenever Tomas picks up his younger daughter. Aliyah joins in on the fun!

Christmas Time
One of their favorite times of year is, of course, the holidays. The family adores spending the holidays together. Christmas is their favorite holiday. However, Aliya used to be scared of Santa, but she isn’t anymore.

A Decade

It must feel like these two welcomed Aliyah into the world so long ago seeing as time flies. But, it had been over a decade ago since they became first-time parents, can you believe it? It’s crazy to think about it.




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