Covid-19: What to do to keep children safe as school resumes

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Omo Jigaloye   |  Today at 8:15 AM


Some children across the country have already started returning to school. Parents are feeling certain anxiety about their children returning to school after six months of staying at home because of the ravaging global pandemic that has claimed much life.

Wondering how to keep them safe, here are some tips to be helpful:


Communication: Mummy and daddy should educate their children about the symptoms of Coronavirus and tell them to report any form of discomfort. As a parent, you can provide a checklist where the children can communicate how they are feeling. We should also inform them on what those symptoms are a cough, stomachache, fever, stuffy nose, chronic headache and chills. If they feel any of it, they shouldn’t hesitate to inform their teachers or parents either at home or in school to limit the spread.


Wearing a mask: A good way to teach children how to keep safe is to put on their masks always.

Teach them to put it on one loop at a time and not fuss with it. And it should cover their nose and mouth. Children should avoid touching the part of the mask.

The most important thing with children and mask-wearing is practice. They need to put it on, keep it on and take it off after they wash their hands in a safe environment.

 We must teach children not to remove masks until after they are home because they must keep the mask on when they are around other people and public places like school.

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Washing of hands: children should wash their hands and use sanitizer while in school is always the best. In terms of the frequency of handwashing and hand sanitation; there is no magic rule, but any time they leave their classrooms it is ideal to sanitise or wash their hands.

It is necessary to wash hands before and after eating. There should be much hand washing or hand hygiene. At a minimum, any time they move from one place to another or reach for something out of a cabinet or a locker, they should clean their hands at least 20 seconds of handwashing.

Changing clothes: children should undress as soon as they come home from school to avoid the spread of the virus. As we know the virus can attach itself to clothing and heading for the bath when they come home from school keeps them safe.


Riding public/school bus: The safety of our children is paramount as they embark to school by conveying public bus. However, school buses should maintain the same rules as other indoor spaces, so that children should try to stay as far apart from each other. The school authority should ensure they keep their masks, keep their hands to themselves and maintain social distancing. There should be hand sanitiser available for them as well and also avoid touching surface. At least they should be instructed as soon as they get off the bus to avoid touching anyone else, including their face and wash their hands.

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Schoolbag: You should spray and wipe it with disinfectant products at least once a week is a beautiful idea.

Parents should ensure their children put nothing else inside their school bags that they didn’t come from home. The children’s school bags should include an extra mask as a backup in case something happens or it gets damaged.


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