Coming to Lagos… #ReadingCulture


Papa: Oh, my son is travelling to foreign land… Oya bring your head; let me shower blessing on you… As you dey go Lagos they shall bless you

Son: Amen

Papa: All those omo wobe will not get you

Son: Papa, haha; which one is omo wobe?

Papa: My son, hmmm… I regularly hear something like that on radio and there is one boy they call Baddo. Most of his song is Awon omo wobe, wobe; I don’t wish you to come across them!

Son: Papa, so you too used to listen to Olamide?

Papa: Oh! is that his name? Anyway, awa ne odagba kamase langbalangba “I am not extremely old not to jollificate”

Son: Okay, Papa… Amin loruko Jesu. Let me be on my way.

Papa: Goodbye my son… Oko arefo o

Son: Amin, Papa. Greetings to my mother.

Papa: I will, she will miss you greatly.

He arrived safely in Lagos and applauded the ultra-modern Pedestrian Bridge at Berger. Suddenly someone calls his attention….

Agbero: oh boy u be JJC?

Boy: I don’t understand what you mean?

Agbero: oh! Eleyi o ma mo nkankan…You better shine your eye! This is our Lagos. If you no comot here awon boys asa re se film fun e. “If you don’t take off, you will see yourself back in your village”

Boy: Talking to himself… Haha, our Lagos; so everybody owns this Lagos? This Lagos sha… I beg let me leave; I can’t afford to return to the village.

Conductor: Oshodi Oshodi ooo

Boy: What is this one speaking? Conductor, where are you going?

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Conductor: Abi eti eleyi di ni (It seems you are deaf) Continue chanting Oshodi Oshodi o

Boy: Wait wait, I beg, I am going to Oshodi

Conductor: Oya enter… Mi oni change o, wole pelu change o

Boy: Na Oshodi Oke I go come down

Conductor: Oje bi… Owo mi da “I hear you… Wey my money”

As they approach 1st Bus stop the boy paid #500 while some passengers alighted

Passenger: Owa o, Afe bole o… “I am stopping here”

Conductor: Driver, owa o, jekan bole “Please, allow them to come down”

Conductor: Oya gbe body e…

Boy: Conductor, I beg na Oshodi Oke I dey go?

Conductor: Ogbeni, oda bi pe osese wole ni, Jara e o “Oh boy, u just dey enter abi, Shine your eye o”

(Conductor asked the boy another transport fare)

Conductor: Ogbeni, wey my money

Boy: Conductor take.

The boy paid #500 on each bus stop till they reached Oshodi-Oke without inquired for balance. Only God knows how many Bus-Stop from Berger to Oshodi-Oke.

Watch out for Part2…Coming to Lagos… #ReadingCulture


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