Coming To Lagos Part 2… #ReadingCulture

Coming To Lagos Part 2
The boy arrived at his uncle place safe and sound…
Boy: Uncle, thank you so much. Papa sent greetings and everybody in the village.
Uncle: oh, that is so kind. You are now a big boy. So you came alone all the way from the village; It worth celebrated. Anyway, you will be taking to your room. Have your bath then come back for dinner.
Boy: Okay, Uncle. Thank you, sir.
After, a while the boy met his uncle in the sitting room.
Uncle: oh, you are back? Nice boy, let us go to the dining table; the cook prepared our favourite local meal.
Boy: that is wonderful, Uncle. I assumed you must have forgotten our local delicacies?
Uncle: Not at all, I am enjoying it more than the village. Let us eat, you will testify by yourself.
Boy: Wow… Uncle and you said it. The food was so delicious; now I understand why your body looks good.
Uncle: abi o, but it is God’s grace.
Boy: Thanks for the food, goodnight?
Uncle: All right.
The second day, uncle left for the gym. The boy also went out to deliver messages he came with from the village.
Boy: Talking to Cook, good morning; I was told my Uncle left for the gym? I need to go out now and I will be back shortly.
Cook: No problem, I am sure your uncle has your phone number if he needs to call you?
Boy: Yes, thanks.
The boy left and boarded a bus going to Oyingbo
Conductor chanting: Yaba/ Office/ Oyingbo
Boy: Conductor, I am going to Oyingbo
Conductor: Oya wole pelu #200 change… Mi o ni change o
As they approached Yaba, some passengers informed the conductor to alight at Yaba Bus-Stop
Passengers: Conductor ohun bole o (We are alighting here)
Conductor: driver, duro won fe bole? Oloyun opon omo o; Oya gbe body e… The driver proceeds
As some passengers came down at Yaba the boy thought they have reached the last destination at Oyingbo and he followed them to come down. He took his time looking at the numerous things happening around while his phone rang…
Boy: Uncle. Good morning, sir?
Uncle: I got home now, and they told me you went out; where are you?
Boy: Yes sir, I am at Oyingbo at ohun bole Bus-Stop
Uncle: Ohun bole Bus-Stop in Oyingbo? I never heard of that Bus-Stop before.
Boy: Yes, Uncle. That is where I am now; even all the passengers came down here. I am at Ohun bole Bus-Stop.
Uncle: Ogbeni, will you close your mouth and listen. Look, there is no ohun bole Bus-Stop in Lagos. Wherever you are; find your way back home before you land in the village…Nonsense.
Ohun bole Bus-Stop, I am hearing this for the first time. What about you, is there Ohun Bole Bus-Stop in your area?
Moral: Be Street Smart!
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