BOXING: Anthony Joshua Becomes An Ambassador of The Royal Commonwealth Society

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Anthony Joshua

World heavyweight boxing champion, Anthony Joshua, OBE have been appointed Ambassadors of the Royal Commonwealth Society.

According to Dr Linda Yueh, the Chair of the Royal Commonwealth Society, ‘We are thrilled to receive the support of such a motivational figure as Anthony, whose appointment finalises the establishment of the Society’s inaugural cohort of Ambassadors. Having delivered a powerful speech at this year’s Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey, we are immensely excited to be working with Anthony to celebrate the wonderful, rich cultural heritage of the Commonwealth and seek to improve the prospects and opportunities of its 1.5 billion young people.’

Anthony Joshua in his speech said: ‘In these uncertain times, it is easy to let difference divide us, but the difference is a beautiful thing that should be celebrated and cherished, not despised. The Commonwealth, with its 54 nations and 2.4 billion people, is a wealth of diverse cultures, languages and people, but regardless of those differences, we all share the same values and principles. It is our values that define us, and how we conduct ourselves. They are what we put out into the universe, and what we will receive in return. Respect, tolerance and understanding are critical to bringing our societies and communities together, making the world a better place for all.’

Her Majesty The Queen has been Patron of the Society since 1952. Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall was appointed Vice-Patron of the Society in 2018 to mark its 150th anniversary.

Congratulations Anthony Joshua.

Source: Royal Society

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