Best Ways To Win Weight Loss Struggles By Sally Nwafor

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Sally Nwafor

Sally Nwafor is a graduate of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology and entrepreneur. She is a mother of two and happily married.


Sally shared her experience of weight loss struggles. If you are a woman or know someone who is struggling with her weight loss, here is a good reference to start with and remember to click the share button.


This is an enormous issue in people’s lives, especially the first time moms, nursing mothers and older women. Most women worry about this every single day. I have the same issue, every single day you have to worry about the food you eat, portion control and exercise like mad and when you don’t keep up, it can frustrate. I mean, every woman wants to look good, feel good, and stay fit and dress to kill. But it’s not easy like that.

One way to tackle this is by keeping yourself very busy with your dreams and goals, so you don’t have to think about it. What do you love doing?

  • What do you use to replace the time you use to eat early and late at night? Do you know that the time spent thinking about food can think about how to make millions and build mansions for your family? Monetize that time instead. Use it to set goals and dreams. Desire to accomplish something meaningful instead.


  • There are many things to be done. You can go to care homes and help the needy, or learn a skill. You can use it to do what you love. Is it art? Singing, dancing, science, technology stuff, etc. There are beautiful things out there and a lot yet to be explored and discovered. Explore and find them. Open up your mind and do what you love and find out new things. You can read books or even write a few.
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  • Importantly, engage yourself with positive things. What I was doing after having my second baby at my free time was I used the time to sing on Smile and it helped me to develop my singing skills and I also started an exceptional business I can run from home. The situation is even more difficult for the stay at home moms. I always thank God for the day I met my current network marketing company and because of that my hope and dreams come alive again and I became happier. Remember when you used to dream as a child? It can come true if you put your mind to it. I engaged myself so deeply that there was less time to worry about putting on weight because with that confidence you automatically make the right choices, exercise and eat right. Having to take care of my family and my amazing job I run from home was enough activities.

Though I still face some challenges here and there, I still fight back and keep pushing.

Keep trying and keep discovering. There is so much to be done than eating away to the grave. Being pregnant or a nursing mother is not an excuse.

Guys, if you haven’t seen my 600lb life on TLC or YouTube etc. please take out time to see it and your scenario will change.

Don’t let the spirit of gluttony to steal your bright future. Feel free to share your struggles with me. You can’t do this alone. If you need a business that can keep you busy, I have one for you. Keep winning

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