LEGACY: Arsene Wenger Shares his Childhood Memories In His New Book “‘My Life in Red and White”

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Arsene Wenger

The legendary Frenchman and former Arsenal coach gave detail of his childhood during his new book, on how the legacy of his father gave him incredible strength to be the man he is today.

Mr Wenger described his World War 2 childhood memories as an incredible strength to succeed in his career.

The Frenchman was in charge of Arsenal Football Club for more than two decades to become the most successful manager in the Arsenal Football Club history. Mr Wenger noted that his father introduced him to football; Alphonse, the manager of the local village team.


According to the reports gathered by AdeniyisBlog on the new autobiography ‘My Life in Red and White,’ by Mr Wenger. He revealed that it was in the fields of eastern France where he would learn life’s most important lessons.


The formal Arsenal coach who is in his 70s stated: “In this closed world, we children were free, we were never afraid, we trusted one another.


“Religion gave us a very clear sense of what was right, of morality, of truth.”


He continued how his father played a key role in his development. On September 3, 1939, France declared war on Germany, but by mid-October, the French had withdrawn to their start lines. In six weeks German forces broke down the Allied defences, conquering France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.


Alphonse Wenger would survive the horrors of fighting with Nazi Germany but never recounted them to his son. Regardless of this, he remained an inspiration to Mr Wenger.

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He stated in the book: “He never spoke about the war, but I always admired his bravery, his modesty, and I knew what terrible trials he must have been through. I was born after the war, on October 22, 1949, and like all the children in the region, my childhood was permeated with that post-war atmosphere,”.


Mr Wenger said his father’s work effort has stuck with him to this day. My father had worked at Bugatti between the ages of 14 and 17, then in a bistro with my mother, before setting up his own auto parts business in nearby Strasbourg. He never took a day off, never a week’s holiday.

It is in the record that Mr Wenger was always at Arsenal training ground during his time in the club from dawn until late even when his players were away on international duty, and then he worked as a pundit on French TV.

Currently, Mr Wenger has taken a step back from managing and is currently FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development.

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