A Woman Shares The Story of How They Were Attacked At Their Home In The UK By Some Bad Boys


Salaam Everyone

Something terrible happened today to my girls.

Just wanted to share with you all. Please be careful when you answer the door.

Monday 11 January at around 2.30pm in Walthamstow.

One guy knocked on the door pretending to be a deliveryman and My daughter answered the door. She went to call her sister and left the door ajar and he just walked in and pulled out a knife. Straight behind him 5 more rushed in with knives as well. They turned the whole house upside down and traumatised my girls. They were in the house for 30 minutes.

They hit both my older 2 as well and dragged my youngest by the arm.  She’s only 9.

They took all 5 girls phones and iPads, 6 watches, money and jewellery and my daughters Luis Vuitton bag. They even took our passports.

Policeman said this is one of the worst robberies he’s seen because children witnessed it.

Got a clear view of one them on the cameras as his mask was down

Apparently, the younger girls have to go on some Merlin register and their schools have to be contacted because they witnessed a violent crime.

Allhumdulillah the girls are all ok just shaken up.




Image/Story Credit: Kafilat Sanni Adifagbade


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