A Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Boy After Childless For 40 Years!

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Mrs Ajibola Otubusin

Mrs Ajibola Otubusin Married at 25, was childless for 40 years, now 66 years, husband, a retired Professor, now70 years old, yet God visited them with a bouncing baby boy.


Before her miracle through IVF, she recalled: “Some people in my husband’s family confronted me, ‘Release your husband and let him go. Stop tying him down, you are a witch. But usually, I told them jokingly that I was not tying my husband down.


If he wanted to marry 10 wives, I told them I didn’t care. It’s even better for me because I would have some peace.


“My husband taught in the university and where he worked, he could have also married any female lecturer. But he is a devout Christian.


I remember a man in his family once told me, ‘You married the best person in our family. If you had married someone like me, I would have left you a long time ago.’ I told him, ‘Thank you, sir, she stated.


However, with the birth of her baby last Saturday, after four decades in marriage, Ajibola said all her mockers had become her friends within the past few days.


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