A US Based Man Seeks For Advise As The Woman He Married And Brought To The States Controls Sex Also Demanding For A New Car After 6 Months He Bought Her A Brand New Car


Pastor ,i will keep this as short as possible. I am 37 years old and i live in the US. In 2017 i got introduced by a family member to a woman who is now my wife. I got excited because of the things she would say on the phone and the things i saw her do in church in Nigeria before she joined me in the USA. She was a devoted christian and she was so religious perhaps it was just an act. Story short, i filed for her to join me and paid for all that was needed to be done. I live in Arkansas, a not too big state in the US. She joined me in late 2018 and i bought her a 2015 Hyundai sonata completely paid for. She however liked it from the begening but after 6months she started saying she needed something else and that we should also move from Arkansas to California or New York. I have told her several times to get back to school to equip herself till we are ready to move but she wouldnt. Instead ,she would say that God orders the footstep of the righteous and that she will go back to school at God’s appointed time. Pastor, my job is a career job and i need to work a certain number of years with the state to earn my retirement before i can move. What baffles me is that each time i try to help people or the needy out there, she would get mad that they are lazy in America that is why they are dependent. She has no human love or sympathy towards others from the way she talks to people. Our agreement was that when she gets here, she would get a masters degree or something to get a better job so we can build our lives but she doesnt. All she does these days is be on instagram, facebook tiktok for clout. She barely even read the bible she brought from Nigeria. I am starting to feel this is a one chance woman in the lord. In few years from now i will be 40 and no kids and she is not even borthered. When i tell her we need to go see a doctor, she would says God’s time is the best and children are gift from God. She controls sex and use it as a weapon. This woman is 34 and obviously doesnt know what time it is. Last week ,she moved out of the house because we got into an argument over a new car and another house and havent answered my call. I have filed a police report and have started making videos and recording of all our convo. I think i am done and ready to count my losses and move on.

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Source: Shola Jordan Adeoye


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