A True Life Story Of What Happened To A House Wife After Checking Her Husband’s Phone; She Couldn’t Produce Breast Milk For Her Two Month Old Baby!


According to her; “I have always had people don’t check a man’s phone I always get tempted but ignore. I wish I didn’t. I check his phone on Friday my life has never remained the same since then.


“I wish I didn’t I didn’t have enough time to check because he has hidden apps I was only able to check because a family member call his phone to speak to me I only click on one chat pastor what I saw is affecting me now I am breastfeeding 2 month old baby now am not producing milk enough for the baby this is the only reason I regret checking his phone because baby will not stop crying.


“I can’t eat or sleep since Friday. The surprising part is the way am feeling because I have always known he is up to no good and if I see anything or anything I can handle it I have prepared my mind. But I was wrong.


“Pastor some men can never be satisfied. I have never say no to banging even when i don’t feel like and even pregnant even after having baby with csection is not even up to 4 week the man wants to bang I still let him even though am still in pain. Am not boring at all we have 2 kids. Am beautiful to the glory of God. Am a great cook hard-working name it pastor everything a man wants in a woman I have it all apart from degrees. I only went to secondary and you can not tell except I tell people. He is not a graduate either.

“If you see the woman he is giving his attention and time to people will pick me 10 times if you put us beside each other. The man is older than me 10 years this lady looks older than him or they maybe the same age.

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She added, I just wish I can stop feeling this way.

Source: Facebook/Shola Jordan Adeoye

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