9 Things To Look Out For In An Employment Letter When You Get A New Job

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As work policies differ in different organisation. These nine things are part of what to look out for in an employment letter when you get a new job:

1. Job description: you might be employed as an office assistant and in your letter, taking care of your boss’s children might be in the letter.

2. Reporting line: who and who you owe a report or not.

3. Remuneration: The breakdown of the salary must be included, so you know your basic and other allowances, and if these details are gross or net.

Gross is the amount before they remove your PAYEE, payee means pay as you earn, that is your pension, tax and other statutory deductions.

Net is the amount remaining after all the deductions, your net is your take home

4. Working hours: if Saturday and Sundays are included, will you be paid?

  • Are the work hours okay?
  • Are statutory holidays like workers’ day, independent day, Christmas, Sallah etc observed?

5. Dress code: so you don’t flaunt the rules, even ask questions about it.

6. Amendment clause: what happens when something in the letter wants to be changed will they inform you by writing or you won’t be informed at all?

7.Termination Clause: will you be given any notice upon termination, except for cases of fraud etc?

8.Probation: Is it 3 or 6 months? What happens after then?

9. Location the court of law the letter will be valid: in some cases, you can’t sue your employer in a Lagos court when it is stated that it won’t be valid outside the state of company residence

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After all of these; Read the company policies carefully. So when sanctions are meted out according to policies. You don’t begin to cry.

By: Iyoyojie Adesua

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