5 Things To Do When God Appears To Be Silent


As humans, there is always that moment when we indulge or have that thought of God not listening or answering our prayers. Perhaps, we may have forgotten the steps to take, here are some helpful tips:

Study Yourself
By looking inward and studying yourself, you will realise what you are doing amiss, which calls for rapid change. You need to understand that there can’t be a fire without a trace of smoke. By considering yourself, you get to learn what seems wrong and needs to be adjusted.

Agree to Acknowledge to God’s Authority
After examining yourself, it is necessary to reach an agreement to urge God’s authority. If you remember, as a child our parents give us rules to follow and if there is a breach in any of the rules; there must be disagreement or punishment. We need to submit to God’s authority and rules over any setup or agenda. To know God is not restrained by your prayers, always agree to submit to His authority.

Listen to What God Is Saying in His word
Regardless of your status in society, you must listen to what God is saying through his word. Create a sacred place or locate a place where you can hear Him talk to you. Leave everything behind and seek Him first. The distraction in this world may hinder your prayers even as the side hustles and friends. Take time to read His word; THE HOLY BOOK” and other devotionals that genuinely follow His directives and teach you.

You need to realise that silence might be a work in progress
It is not everything that we attach with emotions to. The delay might be something that is going through a process and requires us to be patient about it. His plan is not our plans, whatever He promises to do, He will do it at His own time. We don’t need to create a scene and be telling people what is happening. You need to understand that there is an enemy within who might not want your success. If you realise God is silent to your prayers, don’t be emotional about it, an enquiry from God. It is a work in progress that the world will rejoice with you whenever the answer arrives. Ask God to give you the grace to be patient for His answers, which is always the best.

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Continue Speaking to God
Lastly, do not stop talking to God; continue obeying His rules and give thanks to Him every moment. He is in control of everything and He still listens. Give Him praise, adore Him, and appreciate His goodness. He never fails, and He remains God in every situation. Continue to speak to God, He still answers prayers and yours will never be exempted.

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By: Omo Jigaloye

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