Live Your Life With Good Principles…

My first year at the university was tough. I entered school with so many ideologies. One of them was not to eat outside my home. Whenever I visit a friend or go for a party, I will neither eat nor taste any food until I return home.

This made some of my close friends and course mates to have a different notion about me. Some said “na omo butter”, others said “na” forming and some just hate me because I refused to join them to eat. I preferred to keep my thoughts to myself, but when I saw the attitude towards me, I told my closest friend then the reason I don’t eat outside it is just a principle and that I am not used to the outside or canteen food.

After a while, we then had a long break. I promised myself I would visit some places before we resume to try different delicacies. Wow, it was an outstanding experience. By the time we resumed, I amended my principles and reset some of my standards.

A principle is something that guides you on how to live your life or to live a better life and also can be reviewed periodically. If you don’t have good principles, you will live in regrets.

Some see principled people as proud or people who don’t want others to progress when they lay down the ground rules.

When you meet principled people, they live their lives differently, they might be difficult to be with, but there is something unique about them you can emulate if you are ready to learn.

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Principles will help you decide the friends you want around you, it helps you identify those who think the way you think; it helps you know who you can marry; it defines you and guides you to stand out among your peers.

Some principles can make people dislike you. Possibly you are misquoted, don’t take it as an offence, be polite about the way you handle it and amend accordingly.

Work on your principles today and adjust where necessary as no man is an island.

Omo Jigaloye…


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