3 Applications That Can Keep You Entertained In A Time Like This


Being social, active and managing to stay entertained all whilst at home is a challenge. A challenge the whole world is facing right now. This will be the first and hopefully the last time the entire world will be in the same situation. However, we have the latest, greatest and trending apps you have to download. These apps will make life way easier and make socializing from your own home an absolute breeze.


This app is bringing offices and workspaces to life as you can have a live video stream with multiple people. You can alter your background and make it look like you are anywhere in the world from space to the beach. The app is great for weekly or even daily meetings. However, it is great for virtual parties too. Couples have been taking to the app for engagement parties, birthday parties, and even taking it as far as having karaoke parties on there. Do yourself a favour and download it.


This is an oldie but a goodie. It saw its rise a few years ago but has since been given the chance of a comeback, in this delicate period. The app is also a video calling platform but allows you to play games with everyone in the chat. From ‘Heads Up’ to drawing games- it will seem as if you are playing charades in person. The app is charming, each h time someone comes online, you will be alerted they are ‘in the house’ and the best part is you can join random chats one mutual friend is in, even if you don’t know the other people they are in a chat with.

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This is a fitness app for the whole family. With a 90-day free trial, you will see just how clutch this app is. With tons of home workouts by professional trainers and workouts that target specific areas, you might even become a gym fanatic after all. The workouts will have you breaking a sweat even in the 20 to 30-minute ones. Additionally, the app offers a feature of choosing your workout according to a playlist o genre of music- to truly get you involved and enjoying it.

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