13 Fun Things To Do This Weekend


Most times, we look forward to the weekend to catch some fun.

Here are tips to liven up your weekend!

1. Go for A Walk: Walk is healthy and can be a charming quest.

2. Organise community sanitation: Keeping our environment clean is of great importance.

3. Volunteer Work: Consider doing some volunteer work. As an experience, it can go into your CV, it can introduce you to new people, and be a feel-good factor.

4. Exercise: It is great to do exercise. It keeps you healthy.

5. Call all your relations you have longed to see or visit in a while. This keeps mutual feelings and shows you care.

6. Take your time to arrange your room and take good care of yourself.

7. Find the nearest leisure center and go for your favourite drink.

8. Drum: Get some objects and work out a groove. Don’t just blow anything up.

9. Dance: Turn on the radio set or stick on your phone and dance away to your favourite songs.

10. Community Sports: There are many community football, cricket, baseball or basketball teams you can join. Take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people whilst working out.

11. Watch Wildlife: This is a beautiful way to exploit nature.

12. Head to the Playground: Most communities provide a free park with a playground. Considering this is fun, no matter how old you are.

13. Join a Book Club: This allows you to meet like-minded people and discuss pieces of literature.


Author: AdeniyisBlog

Photo: Bittle



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