10 Top skills of a front end developer

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Front End Development is one of the most in-demand skills right now in the tech industry. This industry is changing with the invention of new technology. As a result, developers need to keep up with changes.

Who is a Front-end Developer?

A front-end developer is a web developer that creates the designs and elements that the user sees and interacts with on a web page.

Top skills of a front-end developer

1. HTML and CSS:

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the basic skills needed to be a front end developer. HTML is the standard markup language used to create webpages, and CSS will graphically present the document created by the HTML. Put, HTML helps in the creation of contents on webpages while CSS creates the font, colour, navigation and layout of webpages. In 2020, learn HTML5. HTML5 allows you to include audios, videos, and semantic elements. The use of semantic tags helps in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and helps the browser understand the code.

2. JavaScript /Jquery:

JavaScript makes everything unique. It helps to add interactive features such as audio, games, video, and animations to a simple web page. Jquery is JavaScript’s library. It’s a collection of extensions that make it faster, easier, simpler and concise to use JavaScript on webpages. It compresses multiple lines of JavaScript code into a single line and makes it easier to read and debug.

3. Version control:

What happens when you encounter a problem with the use of HTML and CSS? No worries, version control got you covered. Version control is the management of changes to the code over time. It records changes to your code so you can go back to different versions.

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4. Git:

It is a software used to carry out version control. Its importance cannot be overemphasized.

5. Responsive Design:

Gone are the days where we only used desktops to visit websites. Now people visit websites with different devices. As such, to create a separate user interface will be very stressful. So responsive design comes to the rescue. It turns the same website to a different format to suit the particular device. Understanding responsive design is essential for a front-end developer.

6. Testing and Debugging:

It is important to keep bugs away. Testing helps you find bugs and errors while debugging helps you fix the bug found. Testing is based on different testing levels such as

• Unit testing

• Integration testing

• System testing

7. Web performance:

No matter how top-notch your webpage is, if it is slow on the user’s end, all your hard work is considered useless. Webpage performance is the time required for your webpage to load. If your webpage performance is poor, you could reduce JavaScript and CSS or compress the images on your webpage. Popular options for completely monitoring systems related to web performance are:

• Nagios

• Zabbix.

Global performance with Sucuri will allow you to test your site performance from around the world.

8 . Content management systems:

Every website should have a CMS (Content Management Systems) that allows users to manage contents on the website such as:

• WordPress

• Ghost

• Wix.

This will be a feather on the cap for a front end developer

9 . Figma:

Figma allows you to create excellent designs, prototypes, and code generation tools. It’s currently the industry’s leading interface design tool. It’s a bonus to your skillset as a front end developer.

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10 . Soft skills:

Front end skills are not just enough to become successful. As a developer, you should have soft skills as well. Skills like communication, problem-solving and conflict management are very relevant to a front end developer. With all these, I believe you’re good to go for front-end industry.

By: Favour Agarry

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